House rules

Keep in mind

  • Check in is from 4 pm the earliest on arrival day.
  • Guests that will not have arrived by 8 pm are obligated to call in a late arrival.
  • On departure day guests are expected to leave not later than 12 pm.
  • If people do not show up payment will be required.
  • If reservation is cancelled within 3 days from arrival
    a full payment for one night stay will be required.

Staying at Hjalli

  • Please don’t enter the guesthouse with shoes.
  • This is a non smoking guesthouse.
  • Guests are expected to show each other and the hosts respect and courtesy.
  • Quietness from midnight to morning is highly emphasized.


  • Breakfast is served from eight to ten a.m.
  • Taking food or drink or preparing lunch-packet from the breakfast table
    is not included. We make and sell lunch-packets upon request.
  • Our guests have no access to the kitchen and because of safety
    and health regulations no cooking is allowed in the bedroom area.
  • Please let us know if you are interested in buying dinner.


  • The owners of CJA guesthouse are trying to limit their negative effect
    on nature and ask you to join by for example recycle all you can.
  • Guests are welcome, at their own risk, to use the garden
    around the house as well as the hot tub in the garden.


  • Should it happen that you damage some of CJA properties we kindly ask you to report this and compensate. A major damage could possible be charged on our behalf.

As householders and owners of CJA guesthouse we reserve ourselves the right to discharge any guest who shows us and these house-rules of ours disrespect.

Cornelia and Adalsteinn Thorsteinsson